Step 117 : Triping - Ipoh  

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The Raya holidays has been tremendous.
Like really...
To get to sit down relax and really not bother about much is so much a blessing
Much needed recuperating time...

So here are some pictures for those who have been looking out for them
Would appreciate comments and all as it would probably spurr me
To continue blogging again

Over the week end, followed Sarah's family down for a trip
To Ipoh, Taiping and then to Penang.

It started of slightly bumpy as it rained and drizzled all the way.
The rain kept coming on and off..

When we got to Ipoh Town...
Honestly I'm not sure if this is Ipoh Town Center or just some area on the way
We stopped for what was the famous Ipoh dim sum

Apparently its super good and it gets packed out even during week days
on the non peak period...

Unfortunately by the time we got there =.=
They were mostly sold out...

They said they started work at 4am
By the time we got there it was 11am already.. so ya...
Nothing much left

Standard stuff lar..
Siew Mai and Har Gau...

Char Siew Pau...

Lau Mai Kai

After that, we moved on to Thean Chun
This one I'm positive is in the center of Ipoh Town =)

This shop is famous for its Hor Fun

Which to me was one of the BEST noodles I had on this trip...

Chilli Chee Cheong Fun

Pork Satay

The chee cheong fun was fair...
But the pork satay was really interesting...
Its actually quite a chewy in a bouncy way if u get what I mean

More to come...

This is only the set from Ipoh...
Hang on for the sets from Taiping and Penang


Thank You for bringing me really.. =)

Step 116 : 21st Birthday  

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Mine past already la...

This year is the 21's year for all and most 1989 baby...
Meaning a lot of my beloved friends are turning 21 this year

This was just last week....
Han Xin's Birthday

Its been a really long time since I actively took pictures
So I really hope I've not become rusty...
ow well...

I wanted to get the other 1 as well
But some one ate it already...

This was part of the first cake which was the family cake..

Owh man.. I just realize my writing skill suck even more
I can't even tell a proper story any more.. =.=

I like how this picture turned out..
The lighting turned out well...

Look its like a ghost haunting the cup cake...
*cues sound effect*

owh man.. lameness =.= sighh....

Han Xin ordered the lok lok truck to come
It apparently has been becoming the in thing
Where people just call the whole truck come and distribute

They had the fried stuff...
Which was what I was looking for =)
The bacon, and the porky sausages... woot...
The shashimo tasted not bad too
Though it was a little more on the soft side
Then there was all the usual lok lok things lar..

*nyom nyom nyom nyom*

I realize my high school friends are often less restricted to have fun
very much more than any other batches of friends I have encountered.
There are the wise ones
The serious ones
The hungry ones
The determined ones...

Looking at HX's party..
I was just wondering ..
How segregated would my party be if I called my friends to come

The ones from school...

The ones from college...

Some times it could be the individual who brings together his worlds.....

Hopefully at the end we would all get a long
With friend and friends of friends...


Step 115 : A long awaited update  

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Heys to the many whom still actually come back here to check once in a while
My appreciation to each and everyone of You...

So its really not much...
Sorry but there ain't no food updates...

The first in a REALLY long time family group shot.
It was my uncle's first grandson's full moon.

I wanted to take picture of the food but I really lost my vibe for that
Its not like I'm emo or anything its just obedience to demands that are worthless

My subject for the night was my cousin sister...
Unfortunately... I don't even know her name
She puts nearly everything u give to her to eat in her mouth
And when her mother gave her the green pea

She gave a face and fed her father the green pea...
Haha really cute..

I've learned so much throughout this year
Its astonishing...

More to come...
I Hope...

Step 114 : Wedding....  

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This is the first wedding of 2010

And probably the earliest one too ...

I din't manage to get a picture of the bride and groom
But manage to get pictures with the bridegroom's sisters....
Haha before u start thinking scandalous thoughts

She's none other than ... Miss Ng Wei Chin (Elmo Murderer)
And Florence Ng

These 2 pictures will allow you to piece the list of people who went
Its funny cause half of us dint know the bride and groom..
And only know....

so yeah... she brought her own support group... haha =)

Ok to first get the pair pictures out of the way...

See.. u see... Wei Chin...
"shhh don't tell any one I killed Elmo..."
Aih... why lar like this one... ELMOOOOO =(

Here's a funny thing that happened
For the night
Wei Chin asked me to sing with her for the brother
Technically the song..
She could do all on her own
But she was worried and scared..

So right... early before the wedding ...
Her brother Donald Ng
Asked me
"Eh Darren... how long u know my sister already ar...."
So I was quite er.. ???
"Quite long already lar.... WHY ar??"
He went...
"Hmmm... Later I want to talk to You"

No wander ELMO MATI
(it runs in the family... murderous GASP!!!)
Hahah =)

Now for the stuff....

I manage to get some of these shots cause I was there earlier

Ok.. now for the rest of the people pictures
Of the Wei Chin Support group....

I think we all really throughly enjoyed our selves
Well at least I did
although there wasn't much going on
And the song I had to sing was.. >.<
Everything else... was really good =)

Now to the FOOD!!!
The place where the dinner was held was know as
Oriental Banquet
Its near British American Tabacco in Pj...
Some would know that place as the Roftran roundabout

The wine served wasn't that fantastic..
BUT it was surely Sweet... =)

This is their 4 season dish thing I think
Don't remember the name...
The thingy on the right... which looks like a hunk of fried stuff
Is actually Soft shell crab
And the top was a mix of vege with baby abalone...
Dish tasted ok...
Nothing fancy but unique presentation for sure

Hmm the shark fin's soup wasn't fantastic
I would think its quite low grade
This one's like the lower ones...
It was weird coloured
And heavy CRAB meat more than anything else

Yeah can drink lar
It tasted ok..
But not fantastic lar

Then came the dish I was anticipating the whole night
The roasted Piglet
BEcause most of those on the table don't actually like this
I ate close to 10 peices of porky =)

Hehe.. ok Its true I generally like pork
But I still got to criticize it fairly
It was only a 4 out of 10
It was less fragrant than most
and very very oily in comparison to the better ones I've had

The guys saved the head for Cheah cause he was late...

There was the fish which I din't take a picture of
Then this...

The baby abalone and the mushroom
Tasted fantastic..
The sauce however was weak
A bit less flavourful

The prawns.. was AWESOME
It was wine-ed a little
And the prawns were fresh

Nothing beats fresh prawns...
Well cooked...
The rest din't really eat much
I remember I ate like 4 prawns or something o.O

This one I din't touch was full already by then
There was the standard desert after that too
Lycee longan thingy

Fun and enjoyable times
Thats its for this wedding
A preety long post...

ENjoy the 28 pictures